A road trip through Thailand

Thailand Family Dinner10 days

700 km
10 cities
17 restaurants
45 meals

This is our family's standard Thailand trip.

Growing up, the main way our family bonded was eating our way through Thailand. We'd take an obscenely long road trip, eat too many meals, and sit cramped in an uncomfortable car as we traversed Thailand. When I think of it now, these were probably some of the best days of my life.

As my team grows to include people that aren't Thai, I really spent a lot of time trying to think of ways to share my passion for Thai food and teach them about my own roots in Thailand. I'd summer there, vacation there, and at times, live there. It's a lot to take in; a lot to teach. Then it hit me: why try to teach them when I could show them? 

As a part of what I'm calling the Nara Thai Project, I took two key members of my team to recreate the magic, and to really ground them in what influenced the flavors at Nara Thai. I tapped one of my Team Leads and one of my Kitchen Leads from our Humble restaurant, and picked a THE route that my family used to do growing up. Once in Thailand, I filled the car with food, drinks and provided a horrible playlist deejayed by yours truly in order to show some of my staff Thailand through my own lens.

From this trip, my employees learned some important things:
Flavor profiles: I had them try the regionality of the same dish in multiple places to understand where the flavor profiles come from
Ingredients: Why it was important that we use specific ingredients to keep it as culturally close as possible
Perspective: Thais come in all shapes and sizes. I fundamentally believe people aren't that different, and being able to draw the cultural similarities between them and Thai people was really fun to experience.

We will definitely do this again. As we grow, I really want to make sure we keep people grounded in what makes us Nara Thai. It's not just the name and the fact that the family that owns it is Thai—it's our commitment to quality ingredients, and the things that make us more similar than different.

Thailand Trip