Our Story

Our founder, Danny Wongsuwan, made his mark on the Houston food scene in 2006 when he introduced chicken teriyaki to eager customers at local flea markets. Hailing from Thailand, Danny brought with him a wealth of culinary knowledge and a deep love for authentic flavors. Despite facing challenges initially, such as the limited operating hours of the flea markets, Danny’s determination propelled him forward.

Prior to his foray into the Houston food scene, Danny had owned a Thai restaurant in Arlington, Texas. However, seeking a fresh start and new opportunities, he set his sights on Houston. It wasn’t an easy journey; the flea markets provided only weekend opportunities to sell his teriyaki, making it difficult to sustain a steady income. Yet, Danny remained undeterred.

After a year of hard work and dedication, Danny’s perseverance paid off. He caught the attention of a well-connected Thai entrepreneur who shared his vision for bringing authentic Thai cuisine to the Houston area. Together, they embarked on a journey to establish Nara Thai in Humble, Texas. Starting from humble beginnings—a repurposed sandwich shop lacking in essential equipment—their venture faced numerous challenges.

Despite his lack of formal culinary training, Danny’s deep-rooted passion for Thai cuisine served as his guide. He immersed himself in every aspect of the restaurant business, from learning to repair equipment to connecting with customers on a personal level. Danny believed that success lay not only in serving quality food but also in fostering a sense of community within the restaurant.

Recognizing the importance of his team, Danny went above and beyond to support his staff, even when financial resources were limited. He provided transportation, meals, and ensured their needs were met, understanding that a motivated and committed team was essential to the success of Nara Thai.

Danny’s efforts did not go unnoticed. His dedication to quality and customer satisfaction garnered a loyal following, with patrons spreading word of mouth about the exceptional dining experience at Nara Thai. Slowly but surely, the restaurant became a beloved fixture in the Humble community.

Danny and Neal

Family played a significant role in Danny’s journey. Inspired by his father’s passion and commitment, Danny’s son Neal made the decision to leave behind his career as a consultant to join the family business. For Neal, the legacy of Nara Thai was not just about the restaurant itself but the shared moments and experiences with his father.

Together, Danny and Neal have created a lasting legacy—a testament to the power of food, family, and unwavering dedication. At Nara Thai, customers aren’t just patrons; they’re members of a cherished community built on a foundation of passion and authenticity.

Nara Thai is dedicated to food, family, and community, the enduring elements that bring—and keep—us together.