Our Values

Honoring our Thai traditions means the best Thai food you’ve ever tasted (outside of Thailand).

At a Nara Thai restaurant, you’ll enjoy more than our exquisite food. Yes, we do use only the freshest ingredients and we never skimp on quality products. But there is more to being Thai, and we aspire to give you a sense of that when you dine with us. We honor our Thai heritage and values.

We have infused these six Thai Values in everything we do.

At Nara Thai, we aspire to live by the six Thai Values:


Jai Dee
Good Heart

This is someone that is kind hearted. At Nara Thai, it is a value we take “to heart,” and offer kindness to our customers, our employees, everyone in our circle.


Tam boon
Make merit

This tradition means that we aspire to do good in all things. It emphasizes building up your karma and paying it forward. Tam boon is why Thais have a relative relaxed demeanor, the idea being that if you do good, you will build a better life for yourself.


Kreng jai
Flexing your heart

This tradition emphasizes being considerate of others. It emphasizes politeness and respect. We aspire to this value in every interaction we have.


Nap theugh

Thai people believe that everyone has a place in society and that they deserve respect. At Nara Thai, we aspire to offer all people respect through the quality of our food and service.

บ้าน r

Home or hearth

This tradition is all about enjoying the comforts of home. It is exactly the feeling we want our customers to have when visiting a Nara Thai restaurant.


To annoy, bother

There 12 different variations of this word to describe someone that's bothering, annoying or teasing you. Sometimes our families can drive us a little (or a lot of bit nuts) but at the end of the day Thais believe in the strength of both the family you're born with and the family you've selected.

We're a testament to that.